Types of Hawaiian coffee beans

Hawaiian coffee is often referred when talking about the coffee which is grown in Hawaii. There are actually many different kinds and varieties of Hawaiian coffee. Since Hawaii is a volcanic island in the Pacific, it has soil rich in minerals and all the islands enjoy great weather almost all year round.


There are people who believe that Hawaii coffee is the same as Kona Coffee, but these types of coffee have in fact many differences between them. The difference lies in the regions that they are grown.

Kona coffee is one of the most well known in the world because the beans are grown in high elevation at the slopes of Mauna Loa and Mount Hualalai. The name Kona coffee is used to refer to various kinds of Arabica coffee that is grown on the slopes of the Hawaiian district of Kona for commercial production and sale.


Arabica coffee is probably the most sought after coffee beans but where they are planted also play a huge role in making the beans more flavorful and rich.Arabica coffee plant was brought to Kona by Samuel Reverend Ruggles subtracted pieces of the plant from Brazil to Hawaii in the 19th century. kona coffee bean were not very popular till the 19th century when plantation owners leased their properties to workers and ended in huge coffee plantations of great quality .


Kona coffee beans are of two main types, known as Type 1 beans and Type 2 beans. . Type 1 beans are flat on one of their sides and oval on the other side; two beans obtained from a single coffee fruit. Type 2 beans are curved surfaced and there is only one bean for one coffee fruit. Based on other properties like size and moisture content etc, each of these two types of Kona coffee beans are further divided into subtypes like Kona Prime, Kona Fancy, and Kona Number 1 etc.


Kauai coffee is another variety of Hawaiian coffee that is specifically grown in the islands. It has a soft acidic taste in comparison with Kona coffee and some do have a preference for this type of Hawaiian coffee. It is fast gaining a good reputation as one of the better coffees from Hawaii.


Other notable varieties of Hawaiian coffee are Ka’anapali Maui coffee, Haleakala Maui coffee and Moloka’i coffee. These Hawaiian coffee types are not just in sale as pure coffee but also in various blends.